Why Use An Electronic Key Management Solution?

The first choice for security managers in electronic Key control:

  • Regain control of your keys
  • Automate your sign-out process
  • Monitor usage remotely
  • Receive real-time alarms & notifications 


C.Q.R.iT® key cabinets offer the latest technology in securing, monitoring and controlling your valuable keys and assets.  

Now you can enjoy 'round the clock:

- Control
- Flexibility
- Security
- 24-hour monitoring
- Accountability.


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Specialists In Key Security & Key Management Solutions.


Asia Global Technology provides a range of high quality key cabinets as well as other key management products aimed at increasing the security of your facilities and physical asset management by providing secure key storage, total key control and full key auditing capabilities.

CQRiT® Key Management System

  • Wasting time looking for keys? e.g. vehicles
  • Spending money re-keying?
  • Don’t have accountability of your assets?
  • Unable to track access to sites?
  • Too many resources tied up managing keys?
  • Still using a paper system?
  • Know who has accessed company asset
  • Identify those responsible for misuse of your asset
  • Reduce theft and stock losses
  • Reduce the cost of replacing keys
  • Stop unauthorised access to restricted areas
  • Know when keys are accessed and returned

How It Works?


The C.Q.R.iT® key cabinets are the latest electronic hardware for managing keys. Don't waste any more time manually handing out keys.

The cabinet will only unlock with correct authentication, and only the allowed assets can be removed - all the others are locked in place. 

Decide exactly who can access which keys, when, and for how long. Staff can log in using a PINs prox card, fingerprint, even facial recognition.

Say goodbye to inaccurate and time-consuming manual sign-out sheets. This system records detailed transaction logs automatically.

No need to collect keys and assets when staff or contractors leave. Their access privileges can be automatically removed at a certain date. 

Receive alarms (computer, email or SMS) for a range of violations meaning you're always in control of your keys, even when you're offsite.



Multiple Authentication Options



Gain access to the cabinet by badging a card, or entering a PIN, or both. We even integrate with fingerprint readers and other biometric scanners. 

Integrate seamlessly: use the same ID cards that your staff already carry 

Biometric security: use fingerprint scanners or facial recognition to protect against PIN sharing

Two identifiers: request two identifiers such as a prox card and a PIN for additional security

Software integration: migrate your users and their card data electronically without the need to manually enter data. 

Network & Communications


TCP/IP: The cabinet communicates directly over your computer network. The IP address is programmed right on the box without the need for additional and confusing TCP/IP converters.

USB: Unreliable network? Remote locations? No problems! These cabinets have a built-in USB port  just inside the cabinet door. Complete a full upload and download of your data using a thumb drive.



Features Of The Key Panel


The cabinets are so easy to use, they give you a wealth of information just by looking at the keys.

Multi-coloured LEDs: the status of each position is easily identified through the colour of its LED.

Key alarms: keys that have been out too long, or not returned in time, or that were tampered with generate alarms.

Dual PIN sign out: for your important keys, request that two (or more) users are present to sign it out.

Same user return: enforce this rule of certain keys to ensure the user who takes it can't give it to his friend to return.

Interlock: one key might give access to a radar tower and the other one turns the radar on. Make sure only one key is allowed out at a time.

Max keys: Define the amount of keys that each user can have out at any one time.

Modular Design


All of the electronics are housed in a discrete unit behind the keypad. In the unlikely event that this gets damaged, we don't waste time with diagnosis and repair. Your cabinet is back up and running no time by simply swapping in a new control unit. 

Plug and play features make it easy to operate and repair.

Only 4 discrete parts means there's less to go wrong, less to learn and less to repair.

Installation  is a breeze and maintenance is even easier.


Customizables Alarms


Alarm states that are triggered at the cabinet include:  tamper, door forced, mains power out, key forced, key timer expired and more...

Each of these states can be configured to send an automatic email or SMS giving you ultimate peace of mind even if you're offsite.

The cabinet has two in-built relays, which can be expanded to eight. Any alarm triggered at the box can be configured to send a signal to your existing alarm system. 



On-Board Menu Options



Access a huge range of features by using the handy menu system that's built in to every cabinet. Update the configuration settings, set up a relay or turn the alarm volume down. 

See the names of each of the keys and even see who has them right from the cabinet.

Edit the IP settings right from the keypad, and change the volume of the buzzer.

Update the firmware, change the authentication method, even enrol new prox cards. 


Real Time Reporting

reports The cabinet automatically records every transaction with a time and date stamp.

Get up-to-date audit trails from all your cabinets without leaving your office.

Track a user, track groups, track a particular key. Investigate certain timeframes or different locations.

Non-editable Crystal Reports provide robust evidence of all key and asset movements.



Software Features

softwareOne of the greatest features of our hardware is the software that controls it. Easy to use and packed full of features, it makes light work of the most complex key management.

Its simple interface means there's less of a learning curve.

We maintain a full-time R&D team who are constantly making upgrades and improvements to the entire system. An investment in a C.Q.R.iT® system is an investment into the future. 



Tamper - Proof Key Rings



The C.Q.R.iT® cabinets easily integrate with all of your existing keys and locks so there's no need to waste money on re-keying.

Simply attach your desired keys of any kind to a CIC holder key. For the highest security, we recommend Tamper-Proof Key Rings®.


If you’ve been searching for a way to protect your organisation’s assets and resources, Our intelligent access management systems could prove to be that elusive system - by turning your conventional key into a 'clever key'.Our system enables you to control, monitor and record the use of almost any physical asset, including: premises, facilities, secure areas, equipment, machinery and vehicles.

We also provides intelligent key management and equipment management access
control to better protect your important assets - resulting in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, less damage, fewer losses, lower operating costs and significantly less

Please do contact us for more information.