In the technological world we live in, schools are turning more to the use of laptops and tablets in the classroom.  This makes schools a much more desirable place for break-ins and thefts.  A great way to deter thieves is with electronic school lockers; the best way to know that expensive electronic equipment is secure, and to control who has access to that equipment.

The C.Q.R.iT® Electronic Locker System provides access control for whatever equipment that needs safeguarding.  Only authorized users can open the locker, and every transaction is recorded with a time & date stamp.  This ensures that you know when a particular user took an item, and when they returned that item to the locker.  The locker system allows you to leave valuable equipment at school without having to worry if it will be there tomorrow. 

Take it a step further by using the RFID system to ensure that the item signed out from the locker is the same item that is returned to it.  A unique RFID tag that is fitted to each piece of equipment allows the locker to recognize if that piece of equipment is present within the compartment.  This is a great feature to prevent thefts from students and faculty.  As much as we'd like to think that this type of theft wouldn't occur, unfortunately it's a reality that occurs all too often. 

A great addition to the electronic school lockers is the ability to be fitted with cables that can charge electronic devices.  This eliminates the dilemma of where to charge the equipment when not in use, and also to make sure it is charged for the next person who needs it.

Storing electronic equipment is only one use for electronic school lockers. Contact us to find out other ways our lockers can protect your school.

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